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May 2023 Review Page

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Here are all the links to review materials for the May 2023 Exam!




PAPER 2 (and most of Paper 1)

 Ergonomics and Human FactorsTopic 1 Vocab Flashcards

Resource ManagementTopic 2 Vocab Flashcards

Modeling: Topic 3 Vocab Flashcards 

Raw Materials to Final Product: Topic 4 Vocab Flashcards

Innovation and Design: Topic 5 Vocab Flashcards 

Classic Design: Topic 6 Vocab Flashcards 

PAPER 3 (and some of Paper 1)

User Centered DesignTopic 7 Vocab Flashcards   

SustainabilityTopic 8 Vocab Flashcards 

Innovation and MarketsTopic 9 Vocab Flashcards 

Commercial ProductionTopic 10 Vocab Flashcards 

TOPIC 1 Children's Books

Topic  Links to Books 
1.1A  Rachel ME / Gracie / AG / William
1.1B  Emily / Colin
1.1C  Mims / Jillian / Grace / Jack Hane / Isaiah / 




Topic 2 & 8 Infographics

2.1  Jack Gracie 
2.2  Susana and Lilly  ME and Grace 
2.3  Franklin and Anne  Mateo and Colin 
2.4  Isaiah and Annie  Charlie and Mac 
2.5  AnneKatherine and Hannah  AG and Evan 
2.6  Jules and William  Jack and Jillian 
8.1 Josiah Rachel
8.2 Charlie Mims 
8.3 Nate Dog Emily



TOPICS 4 & 10 

TOPIC  2A  2B 
Topic4.1PropertiesofMaterials.pdf  Jules  Rachel
Topic4.2aMetalsandMetallicAlloys.pdf  Susana 
Topic4.2bTimber.pdf  Franklin   Mateo
Topic4.2cGlass.pdf  Annie 
Topic4.2dPlastics.pdf  AnneKatherine 
Topic4.2eTextiles.pdf  Jack 
Topic4.2fComposites.pdf  Charlie
Topic4.3Scalesofproduction.pdf Nate Dog 
Topic4.4Manufacturingprocesses.pdf  William 
Topic4.5Productionsystems.pdf Hannah 
Topic 10.1 Isaiah  Colin 
Topic 10.2 Anne  Emily 
Topic 10.3 Lilly ME 
Topic 10.4 Snell Gracie


Topics 5 & 6 Study Guide 


Topic 9 1 Pagers


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