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2024 Exam Review Page

Design Technology IA Checklist.pdf 

IA Examples

PART E & F Resources

Sewing Resources?


  • After three weeks I finally got a response...
    • That they'll forward it to the appropriate Design Tech leadership
    • That means..
    • Waiting GIFs | GIFDB.com 
  • Today we'll so something a bit different
    • Take this
      • 2018  Paper 1
      • Then well go over the answers 



Good waiting meme template : r/MemeEconomy



waiting memes



  • Pablo Escobar Waiting | Know Your Meme
    • Live look at Codega waiting to hear back from IB...
  • Make sure you email Codega the link to the vocab review 
  • While we wait...
    • Go to Schoology and check out the presentation there
    • I think this is a FABULOUS resource to help you get ready for the IA
    • Take a while and read over it
    • Once you are done with that you need to be busy the remainder of class.  I know this isn't ideal but I think you guys can use this time to work on your EE or other IB work (I'm sure you have PLENTY to do...I can always walk down the hall and check with Melvin if you tell me you have nothing...)
  • Hopefully we can kick thing off next week with the IA and really get after it... 



  • Your activities!  These better be good...just saying is all... 
  • Still no formal response from IB -- so while we wait...
    • You know those one pagers you made...they look pretty good!
    • Now make some type of vocabulary review for ALL the vocab terms in the unit.  It can be a Kahoot, Gimkit, or whatever but it needs to be accessable on the R1 network and it needs to be free.  
      • Again, send the link to Codega and he'll post those to the review page above.


While Codega waits for an answer about the IA idea from IB...we are going to pause the IA stuff...

8/25 -  8/31 (due start of class on the 31st)

  • Here is your assignment for the rest of the week.  Presentations are due 8/31.
    • PLEASE do a nice job... 
    • Create a 1 pager / "MUST KNOW" for the topics Codega assigns you.
      • The one page document MUST CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:
        • At least three images that relate to your topic (good ones too -- not the first hit on Google Images)
        • Covers all aspects of the topic -- make sure you hit everything that is in the IB DT Guide
        • Has a link to at least one video that relates to your topic.
        • Has an easy to read, follow and has an aesthetically pleasing layout (remember, this is DESIGN technology after all!)
        • Emailed to Codega BEFORE CLASS on THursday-- NO EXCEPTIONS!
      • A five (5) minute hands on activity that reinforces at least one part of the content from your project.
        •  The activity must demonstrate creativity and analytical thinking (NO WORKSHEETS or anything that is related to a worksheet -- no crosswords, fill in the blank, etc.  THIS IS A HANDS ON ACTIVITY!!!!
        •  No longer than 10 minutes but no shorter than 5 minutes
        • Helps the class gain a deeper understanding of your topic.
    • Each of these will count as a test grade (the first two of the year) and you will be assessed on Friday and Tuesday on your progress towards. 
    •  Here are the rubrics
  • Groups
    • Adam and Rowan
      • Topic 7
    • Cole and Carter
      • Topic 8
    • Zach and Kaden
      • Topic 9
    • Grady and Smith
      • Topic 10 



8/23 (hours 0 - 1.5)

  • Let's talk about the mini golf holes!
    • Overall they look pretty good!
    • Just make sure you fill the detailed drawing page and that the 30 degree view is shaded 
  • Now, the moment you've all been waiting for...
    • THE IA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • So what does a good IA even look like?
      • Here are a few examples from IB
        • Go to Schoology -- these are IAs from other people in the world that got 7s.
          • Since they aren't our work I can't publicly post them so head over there to access them!  
      • These are NOT perfect but they'll give you a rough idea of what you need to do for the scope of the IA...
      • As you look though it jot down 5 things for each IA that stood out to you / things you liked / things you might think about / incorporate from each IA.   


  • Make sure you have a CODEGA approved IA...or else... 


8/16 - 8/23

  • Let's see if we can get some stuff done!
  • Part 1 is completing the research and starting to mess with OnShape
    • FYI -- a mini golf hole is usually 30-45 feet and 2.5 - 3 feet wide.  This does NOT have to be linear (in fact, it really really really really shouldn't be) and should reflect your creativity.    
    • Also, the cup has a diameter of 4.25 inches with a depth of 4-6 inches (yes, all three cups need to use these dimension!)
  • DAY 2 / 3
      • Your job is to make 3 mini golf holes individually (that's by yourself!) that share a theme (but are all different!)
      • This is going to be due on Wednesday @ the START OF CLASS
    • Please submit to Codega as a pdf detailed drawing. 
      • Make sure it has a few views (whatever makes sense for your design) as well as a complete shaded view.  Also include a brief description of your course so I know what it is.
      • Thanks!!! 
    • GOOD LUCK!  


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