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12th Grade Daily Plans

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2022 Exam Review Page


9/16 - 9/24

  • Quick check of the Design Brief for a grade
  • Design Specifications!
    • These are going to take a while to do well
      • We'll go over the packet again to talk about what makes DS's good and what makes them vague / low scoring
      • You also need to read this thing and interact with it!
        • It will help!   PROMISE! 
    • As you start to write them please make sure:
      • Create a table for these IN ORDER OF PRIORITY -- YOU MAKE THIS DECISION!
      • You number the parts of the design specification 
        • example
          • Design Specification  Measurable goal Justification 
            1 - Aesthetics    
              1.1 - Color This is a specific statement that you can measure and help evaluate the success of your design Based on primary and secondary research and user / client feedback / whatever else you need to say WHY this is an important consideration for your design 


      • You look at the guidance (that comes after the Part A rubric in the Design Tech Guide 2020.pdf so you can make sure you have ALL of the stuff that IB wants.
        • They need to be specific and MEASUREABLE! 
        • You will reference these throughout the rest of the IA so they need to be good!
      • 800 words
      • This might also help! 
    • These are due NEXT FRIDAY!  This is a long time but they are SUPER IMPORTANT so please do a nice job! 




9/8 & 9/10 

  • Hit the highlights of the reading you did last class
  • Talk about the marks you gave example IAs from last class
  • Time to begin work on the actual IA
    • Starts with a PROBLEM STATEMENT
      • Who is the client?
      • What is their current situation / problem?
      • How do they currently deal with the problem?
      • Why does that solution not work?
      • A couple of pictures of the ACTUAL PROBLEM -- this means YOU need to take the picture -- no internet stuff here!
    • This needs to be less than 200 words -- get to the point and NO FLUFF!
  • This is due Friday! 
  • IA naming conventions
    • last initial_first initial_M22  




8/30 & 9/1

  • Ok kiddos, Codega's back!
    • Time to create some review documents from last years content. 
    • That's all!  These are due Friday at the start of class (turned in via email) 
      • Here is your assignment for the rest of the week. 
        • PLEASE do a nice job... 
        • Create a 1 page "MUST KNOW" sheet for the topic Codega assigns you.
          • The one page document MUST CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:
            • At least three images that relate to your topic (good ones too -- not the first hit on Google Images)
            • Covers all aspects of the topic -- make sure you hit everything that is in the IB DT Guide
            • Has a link to at least one video that relates to your topic.
            • Has an easy to read, follow and has an aesthetically pleasing layout (remember, this is DESIGN technology after all!) 
            • Helps the class gain a deeper understanding of your topic.
        • This will count as a test grade
        • Topic assignments 
          1. 1.1a
          2. 1.1b
          3. 1.1c
          4. 2.1 
          5. 2.2 
          6. 2.3
          7. 2.4
          8. 2.5
          9. 2.6
          10. 3.1
          11. 3.2
          12. 3.3
          13. 3.4
          14. 3.5
          15. 4.1
          16. 4.2a
          17. 4.2b
          18. 4.2c
          19. 4.2d
          20. 4.2e
          21. 4.2f
          22. 8.1
          23. 8.2
          24. 8.3
          25. 8.4 
        •  Here are the rubrics


  • uhhhhhh none? 



  • Sorry guys -- COVID brain fog is real!  
  • Anyway let's have these things due by Sunday night at 8pm.  Email them to john.codega@richlandone.org
    • Format -- I think the detailed drawing for each hole will work!  Make sure you include a 3D view somewhere! 
    • You are welcome.  If you got them done already then you can use this time to work on the EE that you all have finished (hides under a chair before the lightning strikes)
    • I'm around to answer any and all questions! 


8/18 - 8/24

  • Let's see if we can get some stuff done!
    • Remember your pal OnShape?  Well, she's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
    • You are going to complete this task individually (but in a mall group setting - I'll explain)
  • Part 1 is completing the research.  There really shouldn't be any OnShape completed today! 
  • DAY 2
    • So Codega isn't at school -- sooooooo....
      • Your job is to make 3 mini golf holes individually (that's by yourself!)
      • This is going to be due on Tuesday
      • I'll post something here on that date with details about how to turn this stuff in! 
      • I'm around so if there are issues please shoot me an email.
    • GOOD LUCK! 



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