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Porsche Carrera Test Track Project

Page history last edited by John Codega 7 years, 8 months ago

Porsche has hired your design firm to create a sick test track for the Carrera GT -- like this one:



As with any design, this project needs to start with a CONCEPTUAL Model -- in this case it's going to be some napkin sketches and then the construction of a scaled down physical model.

The design specifications for your test track are as follows:

  • It must include a steep decline (in order to give the car enough forward motion)
  • It must include an up slope of some kind (small hill)
  • It must include two or more of the following features (more than two will result in extra credit points):
    • A loop
    • A jump
    • A tunnel
    • A banked turn
  • It must be made of cardboard
  • It must be at least siz feet in length (but you will probably need to make it longer in order to meet the criteria and build up enough speed)
  • The car must be able to travel from the start to the finish of the test track at least once. 


Have fun with this but be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Remember the MARSHMALLOW -- that is, test throughout the process, even if it's just small sections at a time -- don't just wait until the end and then complain if your car doesn't make it!
  • If your car fails to complete the test track that you create then your grade will too.  DO NOT TRY ME ON THIS!
  • Be creative but don't get hung up on making it crazy/pursuing the extra credit -- fulfill the basic requirements and THEN look to add/go after the EC.   


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