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Parking Lot Directions

Page history last edited by John Codega 1 year, 8 months ago

Design Problem:  There are not enough parking spots at ACF to accommodate all students who drive or want to drive to school.


Client:  Your design firm has been hired by ACF PTSO to propose solutions to the problem.  The first step in the process is to get the client some graphical models to communicate your design ideas. 


Research to be conducted:

  1. How many parking spots are available on campus?  379 total with 16 hadicap spots.
    1. Behind Media Center / 400
      1. 50
      2. 4 Handicap 
    2. Senior Lot
      1. 128 
      2. 8 Handicap spots 
    3. Junior Lot (junior spots are different from teacher spots) 
      1.  total
        1. 102 teacher
        2. 24 student spots 
  2. How many cars can park on Falcon Dr.
    • Falcon Dr. from Muv (or whatever it's called!) to the loop (including the loop)
      •  on Falcon Drive 47
      •  and 2 handicap in the loop 
    • Falcon Drive from Beltline to the loop including the baseball parking lot thingy 
      •  in baseball lot 10
        • 2 handicap 
      •  on the street 18
  3. How many teacher spots are available (The loop and behind the 300/400?)
  4. How many student spots are necessary to accommodate everyone?   Explain how you arrived at this number (best educated guess).  Think of this as your goal for this assignment.  
  5. Dimensions of (use Google Earth):
    1. The size of a parking spot on campus 
    2. The Senior lot
    3. The junior / teacher lot
    4. Row behind the Media Center to the Cafeteria
    5. Row behind the 400 to the theater
    6. Near the tennis courts
    7. The Access Road
    8. The baseball lot
    9. From Beltline to baseball lot
    10. Baseball lot to the loop
    11. Loop curb
    12. Loop up the hill to Muv 


Design Specifications:

  • Cannot block entrances
  • Cannot block exits
  • Cannot block fire lanes.
  • Spots must allow for cars/trucks/SUV's of varying sizes. 
  • Cannot double park/block people in
  • Must provide sufficient  room for teenage drivers to back out/park.
  • Can only alter the areas already used as parking spots in order to add parking spots (so it's more about experimenting with layout/parking schemes/etc.
    • Cannot alter the athletic fields as they currently stand
    • Cannot tear down buildings/change the physical structures of ACF.
  • Your design can move curbs.
  • Aesthetics -- the design cannot look crazy/disorganized/bad.  


The Process:


Think about all possibilities for parking (within reason - i.e. no parking garages) -- types of spaces, size, direction, orientation, shape of the lots, etc.   You may want to look at other parking lots/set ups/ arrangements.  Check out other schools like Greer High, LR, Greenville High, Codega's High School,  other ones around for inspiration.  Use google maps!

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